Lameness Investigation

At Cambridge Equine Hospital we have highly skilled veterinarians who are able to perform a complete investigation to identify the cause of your horse's lameness. Our fantastic facility allows the horse to be trotted and/or lunged on a variety of surfaces to optimise our diagnostic ability.


Accurate and timely diagnosis of lameness is essential to achieving the best outcome. We have several veterinarians with extensive experience in lameness diagnosis and treatment.

A thorough lameness examination may involve trotting, lunging, and performing flexion tests, followed by nerve and/or joint blocks where deemed necessary. Cambridge Equine Hospital is well appointed with spacious work areas allowing these procedures to be carried out, combined with a range of hard and soft surfaces (including a lunge ring) to complete the examination.

Following on from this, your veterinarian may recommend diagnostic imaging or some form. The high quality imaging equipment available in the hospital includes digital radiography, ultrasonography, and nuclear scintigraphy.

A recent addition to our lameness examinations is the use of the Equinosis Lameness Locator. This involves placing sensors on the horse, which record the variation in movement of different body parts. This is particularly helpful in multi-limb or extremely subtle lameness, which often present as poor performance rather than an overt lameness.


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