This time of year is a good opportunity to review the routine preventative healthcare of your horse. One area which often slips through the cracks is vaccination. As one year blends into the next, it can often be difficult to remember which horse was vaccinated for which disease at which time! If you don't already have one, it is a good idea to keep a horse health record, where you can record vaccinations and worm treatments. Or, try this new Stable Diary app! 

We recommend that all horses are vaccinated according to the following guidelines:

Initial course of 3 vaccinations every 2 weeks, followed by an annual/6 monthly booster.

Initial course of 2 vaccinations 4 weeks apart, followed by an annual booster.

NOTE: There is often a great deal of confusion around tetanus vaccination. Tetanus Toxoid provides long term protection, however Tetanus Anti-toxin (TAT) only prevents tetanus in the short term, and acts to bind tetanus toxins if they are present. 

While tetanus is now uncommon due to widespread vaccination, we still see cases every now and again. It is extremely debilitating, often fatal, and very costly to treat. Vaccinating to prevent this disease is much easier!

Initial course of 2 vaccinations 4 weeks apart.
 mares should be vaccinated 4 weeks before foaling.

Equine Herpes Virus:
Maiden mares are not routinely vaccinated, however some studs may request them.
All pregnant mares need 3 vaccinations at 5, 7 and 9 months of pregnancy and require them yearly.

To discuss your individual situation, contact Cambridge Equine Hospital to discuss with a veterinarian.


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